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SmartView Kit - Premium
Our Price: $329.00

Power Elevators are two,
opposing instruments used in tandem to perform extractions and / or
removal of fractured roots. Unlike traditional forceps, Power
Elevators do not rely on force but rather leverage. The Full System Kit comes with: 2 Power Elevator Forceps, 4 Twisted Tip Periotomes, 2 Serrated Curettes, 1 Power Flap Opener and 1 Stainless Steel Surgical Cassette

The SmartView Premium Kit includes all of the SmartView Sectional Matrix System components.

Premium Kit includes:
SmartView Clips – 2
SmartBands – 55 of each size (4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5mm)
SmartView Clip Forceps – 1
SmartBand Forceps – 1
Coated SmartBands have a nonreactive surface that does not adhere to the restoration after curing.
And like all Smartbands, the curve of the pronounced ridge on the occlusal margin creates just the right amount of contour for a class II.

Package includes:
100 - Coated SmartBands